Bio: I love travelling various parts of the world, love to enjoy various types of cuisines.

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  1. The information is good. Could you give an indication of the cost (and rates at the hotels/lodge as also hiring of car etc). Thanks

  2. Hi Sanjiv
    Information provided by you is really helpful. Thanks for it. I have few queries hoping that you will help me. Is there any other options for stay is also available near Mandvi beach. As you have mentioned that for Devpur homestay run is 1.5 hr by car. Also how we can contact Devpur homestay people as I am unable to find contact details of them.


    • Hi Monikajee,

      Mandvi is a big bustling town and there are good hotels in Mandvi. I cannot suggest you a hotel as I did not stay at any of them. On the beach itself there is a hotel run by GTDC or Palace authorities, I do not remember, but it is very very expensive for my standard (some 8 to 10 thousand per night).
      Thanks for your appreciation.

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